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Offers a service that specialises in environmental sustainability, offering practical designs and advice born of experience that will support you in all of your endeavours to provide yourself with an ecologically sound place to live.

We can provide you with a Landscape plan/map of how to achieve a productive, aesthetic ecosystem which will aim towards your property having the diversity, stability, beauty and resilience of a natural ecosystem.
We will give an overview of a harmonious integration between your land, your lifestyle and the environment.

We will design a landscape which will have an integrated approach to land use planning, providing  recreational spaces, food production areas, location and design of houses, roads, shelter, dams and other material and non - material needs in a sustainable way.

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We believe designed landscapes are all about ecologically sound, functional, pleasing  creative places that will require the minimum of input for the maximum gain.

Sustainable Habitats ‘whole approach’ to design can offer you an easy to read overall plan of your property that outlines a detailed layout, planting plant, material selection, and methodology of how to go about implementing this if you want to do it yourself or give it to a contractor to work from.

If an over all plan is not what you want, we can offer specialist advise and design in specific areas such as:

Designs for certain areas
Such as gardens, orchards, shelterbelts etc.

Siting houses, roads and ponds.
We’ll guide you in siting choices, explaining various options and their implications. These choices will have a long term implication on the ease of your development and sustainability of your property.

Land purchase
We will inspect your choice, advise on it’s strengths and weaknesses and potential to fulfil your needs, or we can help you find a place best suited to your needs.

Eco subdivision and Eco Villages
Build strength into ecological communities through appropriate subdivision. We leading edge approaches that will improve the returns on your investment and appeal to a growing market.

Natural swimming pools
No chlorine. A clearing system which relies on the correct balance of plants and micro-organisms.

Eco house design
We’ll guide you through the maze of competing eco-friendly concepts and develop practical designs that can be implemented by you or contracted builders.

Alternative energy systems
We can offer guidance of appropriate technologies based on a 'whole systems' approach and independent selections.
Custom made solutions - Sustainable equipment - No nonsense technologies - turn key projects.
Making and supplying earth bricks
We make a earth brick that has no cement in it. Tested  and approved by the building industry and prominent eco - architect Graham North.

Whole systems approach to strategies for recycling, purification, conservation, and increased storages of rainwater. Plus the creation, protection or enhancement of wetlands.

We also offer specific installation services for:

  . General landscape construction
  . Ornamental gardens
  . Building natural swimming pools
  . Orchards
  . Vegetable gardens
  . Garden buildings ( chicken houses, glass houses etc )
  . Compost toilets
  . Fruit tree pruning
  . Planting and supply services